Water and Sewerage division

Power Transmission and Distribution division offers comprehensive engineering and construction services for City Power Distribution projects including Laying of underground and Overhead EHV/HT/LT cables, Erection of Substation equipments, Street lighting works, Revamping of LT Distribution network ( Overhead to Undergrounding, Meter Installation, Electrical Equipment installations, Dismantling of Overhead system).

Undergrounding of power cables in Bhubhneshwar

The state-owned Odisha Power Transmission Corporation Limited (OPTCL) is executing the project in consultation with the Central Electricity Supply Utility (CESU). While OPTCL is associated with installing power transmission lines, CESU is a power distribution company of the state government. CESU has awarded us a project on turnkey basis at Jatni under CESU/IOCL – Jatni project in Odisha. The turnkey contract includes design engineering, testing and supply including transportation, insurance and erection. We are involved in laying of 33 KV by 400 mm2 XLPE UG Cable through HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) method from Arugul OPTCL Grid S/S to Niser Campus, Jatni including jointing, termination erection of 6 pole and 4 pole structures, construction of jointing chambers, construction of approach road, liasoning with local authorities for obtaining road permissions etc. The project is aimed to provide stable and uninterrupted power to the consumers in Bhubaneswar and involves massive overhaul of power transmission and distribution infrastructure.

24*7 Water Supply Project for Nagpur City

OCW has been entrusted by NMC with the ambitious 24*7 water supply scheme for the city of Nagpur. This involves managing the entire water supply cycle, including procurement, treatment, storage and distribution. Treatment plants will provide a total of 550 million liters a day (MLD) water for supply to 250,000 households through the city’s 2,100 km water-supply pipelines. The project is funded by JNNURM for expansion of water supply systems and for rehabilitation of distribution systems. OCW engaged with vendors like us on a turn-key basis to help in reducing non-revenue water through network rehabilitation and meter replacement and new service connections. We are involved in pipe laying activity in majority of the command areas by using trenchless which helped in significant cost saving in the area of road restoration. We are also involved in distribution lines, branch lines, house service connections, meter installation, installation of butterfly valves, sluice valves, score valves, air valves and interconnections.

Agra City Power- Distribution project for Torrent Power

Torrent Power Ltd took over power distribution and bill collection in Agra from state-owned Pashchimanchal Power Corporation. Torrent invested over 700 cr to upgrade the power distribution network. Input-based franchisee model was implemented to bring in efficiencies associated with the private sector and transfer of power distribution system in Agra was the first step in this direction. The company appointed us for carrying out O & M activities so as to reduce distribution losses and DTR (Distribution Transformer) failure rate. We were involved in laying of both overhead and underground cable with appropriate trenching and trenchless technology, thereby improving the infrastructure and network assets. We also installed transformers with setting up of HT/ LT Panels. We also executed new service connections, new meter installation, regularizing of illegal connections so as to reduce commercial losses. We also executed support activities like road restoration and street lightning works.