Agra City Power- Distribution project for Torrent Power

By : | Posted on :   15 Dec2018

Torrent Power Ltd took over power distribution and bill collection in Agra from state-owned Pashchimanchal Power Corporation. Torrent invested over 700 cr to upgrade the power distribution network. Input-based franchisee model was implemented to bring in efficiencies associated with the private sector and transfer of power distribution system in Agra was the first step in this direction. The company appointed us for carrying out O & M activities so as to reduce distribution losses and DTR (Distribution Transformer) failure rate. We were involved in laying of both overhead and underground cable with appropriate trenching and trenchless technology, thereby improving the infrastructure and network assets. We also installed transformers with setting up of HT/ LT Panels. We also executed new service connections, new meter installation, regularizing of illegal connections so as to reduce commercial losses. We also executed support activities like road restoration and street lightning works.